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Processors Compatible With Socket 1150

By September 6, 2018 No Comments

Socket 1150 is also known as LGA 1150 is the Land Grid Array socket, which is compatible with the newer processors of 4th and 5th generation, found in desktop computers. It is known for impressive performances and support of the most desirable units. Below, you can see the LGA 1150 CPU list of processors which can fit the socket and will be supported afterward.

Intel Core i3-4370T

Intel Core i3-4370T is one of the most common choices for the socket in question. The working frequency is 3300MHz, while the L2 cache memory is 512 KB. The bus speed is 5GT/s DMI and the microarchitecture of it is Haswell. Keep in mind that this processor has 2 cores (illusion is that it has 3 cores) and the data width is 64 bits. Maximum temperature the processor can withstand is 66.5 degrees Celsius.

Intel Core i3-4370

The following processor isn’t the same as the aforementioned one! The frequency is 3800 MHz while the bus speed is 5 GT/s DMI. Other than the frequency, performances are similar. Haswell microarchitecture is included, the data width of 64 bits and there are 2 cores. The maximum temperature the unit can support is 66.4 degrees Celsius. Due to a higher frequency, this processor is more expensive than the aforementioned one.

Intel Core i5-4460T

Intel Core i5-4460T is one of the processors that can support gaming, but still are affordable. There are 4 cores, which is the most important aspect. The frequency is 1900 MHz (2700 single core; 2600 2 cores; 2400 3 cores; 2300 all 4 cores). The clock multimeter is 19. Physical memory is 32GB. The max temperature is 66.4 degrees Celsius.

Intel Core i5-4590T

With 4 cores, 2000 MHz and 20 the clock multimeter, this unit is more than just decent. A single core will have a frequency up to 3000 MHz, while all 4 can have 2300 MHz. Additional facts you will need to know is PCI Express 3 support, 1 controller, and 2 memory channels.

Intel Core i7-4765T

Intel Core i7-4765T also has 4 cores, but the number of threads is 8. The frequency is 2000 MHz, thanks to all-new technology. We also liked the SpeedStep, a low power feature which can make a difference. The processor is well-known as a great value for money and is capable of being used for the latest games.

Intel Core i7-4790T

With the working frequency of 2700MHz and 27 clock multimeters, this processor is above the range in any aspect. An interesting fact is the max working temperature, which is 71.45 degrees Celsius. For most of you, the processor will be the best possible choice.

The Final Thought

The socket here is so advanced that it has a huge list of supported processors. Just some types are Xeon, Celeron, Pentium, and others. In general, most i3 and i5 with an increasing number of i7 processors are supported. The socket is oriented towards beginners and advanced gamers, thanks to the aforementioned feature.