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Best PC Gaming Chair 2020: Reviews and Comparisons of the Ultimate Computer Seats

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When most people plan to build a new gaming PC, there is one thing that is often overlooked:

A decent gaming chair.

You can have the latest motherboard and CPU, a nice curved 34-inch ultrawide monitor and all the latest games, but what is the point if you can’t sit for more than 30 minutes without getting a sore back or dead legs? Or even worse, sitting on the floor craning your neck trying to see the screen.

In a hurry? For your convenience, here’s a link to the top-selling PC gaming chairs on Amazon.

Whether you are a casual gamer who likes to play for a few hours or a serious player who can clock up ten hours of play every day, you need to be sitting comfortably. Your body will not allow you to sit in the same position for hours on end without proper back and leg support, and it won’t be long until the pain starts.

To help you on your mission to find the best computer chair for gaming, I have reviewed some of the latest and most popular chairs on the market. Before you read the reviews here is a comparison table of the best PC gaming chairs:

Image/NameLearn MoreBack / Seat
Max Weight
DXRacer Iron Series IS166
Leather high-back with high-density mould shaping foam, leather seat286Adjust seat height from 19″ to 22″, adjust arm height from 25.5″ to 32″, multi-functional tilt, adjustable back and adjustable headrestFull lumbar support with adjustable lumbar cushion
Homall Ergonomic
Leather Racing Chair

Leather high-back and seat280Adjust seat height from 18″ to 21″, 360 degree swivel, arms move up and downFull lumbar support
X Rocker Pro H3
Vinyl high-back, vinyl seat275NoneFull back support
Herman Miller
Aeron Carbon Chair

Mesh-like pellicle suspension material mid back and seat330Adjustable seat height and angle, adjust arm height and angle, Kinemat tilt tension, PostureFit adjustment, Fine-Tune foot-ring height adjusterFully adjustable lumbar height and depth
OpenWheeler Advanced
Racing Seat Simulator

Polyester foam high-back and seat250Adjustable seat back, adjustable seat distance with sliding rails, adjustable pedals and steering wheel platform, adjustable gearshift mountShoulder, back and leg support

Best All-Round Chair – DXRacer Iron Series IS166

The DXRacer Iron Series IS166 is a gaming chair which is a cut above the rest, offering optimum levels of luxury as well as comfort. Manufactured to anticipate its occupant’s every need, the seat offers an adequate amount of support as well as versatility. The state of the art German made hydraulic unit allows the DXRacer to be adjusted to any angle. The cushioning on this seat keeps your lower body satisfied while offering proper lumbar and back support topping it off with a footrest making nodding off an inevitability.

It is crafted to not only feel like the pinnacle of luxury but also to look like it with a leather exterior that is both sleek and cool. Cocooned in this chair heaven, you are bounded to game your day and nights away, but why not relax or work in comfort, too?

Top Features

This racing bucket seat was designed to support the entire spinal column from the neck to the pelvis, and naturally, this should be and is its best feature. The bucket design, for one, contributes to the support of one’s whole spinal column while the headrest and lumbar cushions provide the much-needed comfort. The DX’s adjustable capabilities from height to angle allow one to adjust the seat to the most suitable position for themselves. The seat has gone on to be recommended by chiropractors because of the excellent support it offers.

Our Review

Comfort is universally valued by everyone around the world. The DX’s consumers are no different from the vast majority of its customers raving about how comfortable the seat actually is. The seats cushioning is praised as it does not sink while in use offering comfort and stability. The lumbar and neck cushions offer its user enough comfort to remain seated all day without pain. We love it’s heavily adjustable nature because it provides its user with different angles to achieve optimal comfort. We give the adjustable 4D armrests an honorable mention as they give the user diversity when it comes to arm placement.

Though truly impressive, the DX does not escape without its faults. The DX has had some complaints on the cushioning being too firm, making it uncomfortable to sit on for an extended period on it. This can lead to numbness and dead legs after use. Still, we believe that most will enjoy this chair’s cushion.

This seat is at the top of our list for comfort. While calibrating comfort, the weight and height of an ideal user are also put into question in order to provide comfort as well as long-lasting cushioning. This means that the chair cushions have to withstand weight from heavier framed people, this might explain why some lighter-framed users feel it is too firm.

With that minor issue aside, the DXRacer is truly the market leader when it comes to gaming chairs, the quality and comfort are pretty much unrivaled unless you are willing to pay a higher price.

Highly adjustable – seat, back, arms, and height can all be fully adjusted

4D armrests for ultimate customization options

Slightly on the expensive side, but if you use a chair for long periods of time, then you need something with this quality and comfort
12 different color combinations available
High-density thick cushioning makes for an extremely comfortable seat
27” extra-large base for added stability and better weight management

Best Budget Chair – Homall Ergonomic Leather Racing Seat

The Homall Ergonomic Leather Racing Chair is an extremely comfortable leather seat that includes great armrest support and comfortable seating for extended sitting periods.

It has a 360 degrees wheelset that is designed to move in a smooth, multi-directional way. You can also lean it back and forth, making it not only a good gaming seat but a chair that has the added perk of being suitable for naps in between long game playing sessions.

The Homall Racing Chair has an adjustable height up to a maximum of 21.2” and supports up to 280 pounds of weight.

Top Features

First of all, the quality of the chair is great for its price.

On the other hand, it’s a luxury style seat that is built with stability in mind and ergonomic in design as to better accommodate your body’s natural shape. This provides it the ability to grant your body relief from the pressure sitting usually places on your bone structure and internal organs. When you sit, your body usually accumulates stress, particularly on your back, and this chair helps to minimize that pressure, ensuring your back pain will decrease or even fade completely.

Another benefit of this chair is that the surface breathes well and your skin is well accommodated by it, which is something competitive gamers may like since stress is often in the equation, and sweat happens usually as a result of its impact on your body.

Our Review

We believe that this chair is very respectable especially for this price range. There’s plenty of comfort to be had in this seat, even when sitting for long hours. The ergonomic design makes the chair even more efficient. We believe that the breathability of the chair will benefit gamers and prevent sweating.

However, the product is a bit difficult to assemble. But, if the biggest disadvantage of the Homall Leather Racing Chair is the fact that assembly can take a bit of time, let’s be honest – that’s quite a good trade-off for the price you’re paying. It is very affordable and comes at a lower price than most of its competitors.

The Homall Ergonomic Leather Racing Chair is definitely a contender in the gaming market, and at this price, what is there to lose?

Very affordable racing style gaming chairCan be hard to build
Arched back for full lower back supportBack of seat not as tall as other chairs
Made from strong and durable materials, built to last
Includes a rocking function in which the whole chair can be rocked back and forth

Best Rocker Seat – X Rocker Pro H3

A gaming enthusiast spends long sessions playing and enjoying their favorite games on their PC or console every day. This can be uncomfortable if this time is spent seated on an ordinary seat or couch. You might even end up with lower spinal pains caused by the bending of the back as you view the game. With the X Rocker Pro H3, all this pain and distress is history. You get to take your gaming experience to a whole new level in a comfortable rocker seat that is comfortable.

Top Features

The X Rocker H3 boasts some amazing features that every passionate gamer needs. As such, here is our detailed review of the X Rocker Pro H3 that will help you choose it as your next acquisition.

Incredible Surround Speakers – The H3 comes with four built-in speakers that are connected to a central, powerful woofer. These assist in making your playing experience amazing, as you don’t just get to listen to the sound but feel it from all directions. The speakers give you a total immersion into the gaming world through the sounds and AFM technology.

Bluetooth – With its Bluetooth enabled features, you get to rid yourself of all those extended cords and wires that were needed to connect to your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. The X Rocker H3 allows you to connect to all these electronics and enjoy your music and games without the need for wires.

Wireless Radio Receiver – The included wireless transmitter functions correctly with sources that have RCA outputs. There are also RCA cables included as extras.

Vibration Motors – The additional vibration motors harmonize with the bass from the woofers and consequently boost your full body experience of the game. The end product is a fantastic almost real gaming session.

Easy Installation and Storage – The installation of the H3 is quite simple. The chair comes with an easy to comprehend manual that will teach you anything you need to know. The seat has folding arms that make it easy to store. The gun-stock arms increase stability and comfort during periods of play or relaxation.

Our Review

The H3 has received a lot of positive reviews from users. One feature that we love is its sound quality. With speakers closer to the front end of the seat, the sound that is produced is of high quality and can be heard clearly.

Although the X Rocker Pro H3 has many fantastic features, two flaws we noticed were that this chair is a little heavy, and it has short power cables. The short power cables can be supplemented by connecting to a surge protector that will give some extra cord length as it protects the seat from voltage spikes. In general, we give the X Rocker Pro a thumbs up, and it has become one of our favorite gaming chairs.

For an unforgettable, ultimate gaming experience, the X Rocker Pro H3 is the way to go. We highly recommend the chair, as it’s compatible with many consoles as well as PC. This rocker will ensure that you get to experience your favorite game in comfort.

Minimal assembly required and easy set-up

Excellent sound quality from 5 speakers for a fully immersive gaming experience

Batteries for the wireless transmitter doesn’t last long, but a separate AC adaptor can be purchased

Lack of adjustment options

Good quality materials and very durable made for daily use

Best Luxury Seat – Herman Miller Aeron Carbon

The Aeron office chair by Herman Miller is a highly adjustable padded seat with padded arms. This chair has become an icon in the modern office and was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in 1994. They pioneered the ergonomic office seat without the use of standard foam or leather through cutting edge design.

It has also become very popular amongst gamers, due to the ergonomic features and lumbar support system.

Top Features

Its main features are its ergonomic design with full tilt function and height adjustable arms. Covered in a durable vinyl material, spills are easy to clean and scuff marks are easily wiped away.

The chair is highly adjustable, which allows you to manipulate it to suit your comfort and support needs. The padded arms also allow you to kick back and relax when not hacking away at your keyboard.

Its graphite frame is strong, meaning that there is no lateral movement when seated. This increases comfort as the padding molds to your body shape.

The Herman Miller Aeron has been designed with lumbar support in mind by using the PostureFit lumbar support system, and this chair definitely lives up to comfort expectations. Another reason why this adjustable seat has been so successful is due to the long-lasting materials deployed on the casters, tilts, moving mechanism, and pneumatic cylinders.

Our Review

We love that this chair uses the PostureFit lumbar support system because it helps its users to alleviate their back pain. You cannot find this comfort and support from another office chair in this price range, and the seat has a sturdy frame, which is helpful for larger people.

Again, this is one of those products that is difficult to assemble. We recommend planning out a good chunk of time to get this chair built. Perhaps more concise instructions from Herman Miller would negate some of these assembly problems. Something else that we noticed was that adjustments would not stay in place. But, this seemed to be largely due to incorrect installation of the adjustment handles, which is why it is important to always read the manual.

Overall, the Aeron seat by Herman Miller seems to be ideal for home or office use. It is comfortable and well-priced for a luxury chair. We would definitely recommend the Herman Miller Aeron as your next gaming chair purchase.

Highly adjustable in every way

The 12-year warranty is a good indication of the quality and durability

Very expensive for a chair, but if the price is no object then this is the way to go

The style is not gamer -orientated

Helps alleviate the pain of back problems
One of the best ergonomic chairs available

Best Racing Seat – OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Simulator

Common sense dictates that gaming is best done sitting down. And if you’re a passionate gamer, then you’ve probably spent hours in a chair, only leaving to grab essentials, like food and drinks. But something else common sense tells us is that being in a sedentary position for long periods of time isn’t the healthiest thing for our body.

The good news is that there’s a wide variety of computer chairs in the market that not only offers a more comfortable seating position but also features like an armrest and a cup holder. They’re not the cheapest thing in the world, so are they worth your money? Read on as we review a chair that fits this build, the OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Simulator, in detail.

Top Features

The OpenWheeler certainly positions itself as a premium item. Like all gaming chairs, it offers stability and comfort to the user. Don’t be confused by the name. Although the OpenWheeler is built to be a specialty racing seat simulator, it also doubles up as a high-end gaming seat that’s compatible with all consoles as well as PC and provides more comfort than any standard seat.

The stand-out feature is definitely OpenWheeler’s total adjustment control, which allows you to freely adjust the seat into any position you like. The most you can do with an ordinary chair is to change the height of the seat. With the OpenWheeler, you can recline the seat to the appropriate angle, glide the entire chair forwards or backward, and shift it to the left or right. And, all of this also applies to the steering wheel position. You’re given full control to make sure that you’re in the most comfortable position.

Our Review

One main feature that this chair has, that some others on this list lack, is an easy installation. For a complex luxury item, the OpenWheeler has a surprisingly simple installation process, taking about 15-20 minutes because everything needed for assembly is readily provided. And, the seat also comes with a manual with clear, easy-to-understand instructions.

One complaint we have is the way the seat is built because it can make left-foot braking difficult for some, especially shorter individuals. But, the biggest issue we have is the lack of lumbar support, which can put additional pressure on your back. However, knowing this, it’s easy to remember to buy lumber support pads in addition to the chair.

When it comes to realistic driving simulators that have the comfort of a sports car, you would be difficult to find a better alternative than the OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Simulator.

Easy to assemble and made from highly durable partsCould be a little higher up from the floor
Adjustment options make it suitable for large or small drivers
Available in a variety of colors and gear shifter mount is included

How to Choose the Ideal Seat for Gaming

It’s a relaxing Sunday, and you finally got that free time to enjoy your games. You have the entire setup with a great sound system and complete peripherals. After an hour of gaming, you realize how uncomfortable it is to sit in your chair or on the floor. Your back hurts, and your legs are asleep. This is not how you wanted your experience to go.

For regular gamers, that’s seven days a week and at least 3-4 hours a day. With a normal chair, you will not be able to fully enjoy your games and soon you will start having health issues.

The best gaming chair allows you to focus more on your playing experience and negates the other unwarrantable issues.

Health Benefits of a Designated Computer Seat

In recent times, specialty chairs have gained a lot of popularity among gamers. Hours of sitting in one position can lead to a lot of health issues and uneasiness. An average gamer will be seated for at least 4-5 hours. Imagine the condition of your back. A restricted posture is not only bad for your back but will also hamper your blood circulation.

Healthy Blood Flow

Ever get that feeling that your lower body becomes numb after sitting for hours? Normal chairs have edges which hinder blood circulation. As a result, when you get up after sitting for hours, you feel like your legs have just died. Further down the road, this may pose bigger problems. A good computer chair is designed with ergonomics in mind. It allows you to be seated comfortably, and the design lets blood flow through your body properly.

Prevents Slouching

A major issue while gaming is maintaining a proper posture. You are often at the edge of your seat and slouching. In the long run, this improper posture is extremely bad for your health, and you start slouching. Good ergonomic chairs take care of this problem. They provide good back support, and you can be seated in a comfortable posture while relaxing your lower back.

Reduced Risk of Backache

Gaming is meant to be an enjoyable experience. Why suffer?

Regular chairs are not built to be sat on for hours. You cannot use a stool or sit on the ground for hours. These lead to terrible muscle spasms and backaches. A good chair offers proper lumbar support.

Types of Gaming Seats

There are several different types of computer chairs. Here are a few of the most popular types.

Rocker Seat

These L-Shaped chairs have no legs. They are like sitting close to the floor but in a very comfortable manner. You can lean back and enjoy your gaming experience. They come with additional features, such as a built-in stereo, wireless systems, foam padding, and subwoofers for example.

Pedestal Seat

Very much akin to the Rocker gaming chairs, these have an additional pedestal below the seat. So, if you are not a fan of sitting close to the ground and would love to adjust the seat height, go for this one.

PC Gaming Chair

Picture this like a regular chair but tailored to be cool! PC gaming chairs offer lumbar support, headrest, and comfortable armrests. You can even lean back a full 180 degrees without tilting (note: only some brands offer this). You can comfortably enjoy your playing experience without interruption.

Racing Seat

Just as the name sounds, these seats are perfect if you prefer racing games. You will get the true experience of racing on these chairs. It comes equipped with a steering wheel, a gear knob, and pedals. They provide adjustable seat height in order to connect better with the wheel and pedals.

Computer Gaming Seats: What Features to Look Out For

Before diving into the additional features, let’s see what you should consider before buying a good computer seat.


Undoubtedly, it is the most important feature you should look out for. The aim of a computer chair is to allow you to continue gaming while seated comfortably. While designated chairs are designed keeping ergonomics in mind, you should test it out yourself before purchasing. You do not want to buy one and then keep standing up periodically because it is uncomfortable to sit in for long hours.


Whenever you invest in a product, you typically look for its longevity. You do not want to invest money in a product which won’t last long, and you will require making another purchase soon. To avoid this, check for the brand of the chair, the material they use, and the padding. There is no point in buying a chair if you are not comfortable while using it.


If you are crunched for space, look for fold-able chairs. You do not want to purchase a large chair equipped with a lot of features and then find out that it does not fit in your gaming area. Keep a lookout for the dimensions; note that you need to fit in the doorway, too!

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System Compatibility

A very important factor is your system compatibility. Make sure you purchase a chair which is compatible with the platform of your gaming device. Various brands offer chairs which work across platforms.

Value for Money

Like any good buyer would suggest, your product should be a good value for the price you pay. For example, if you already have a good sound system, then it is pointless to get a gaming chair with subwoofers. Make sure you get your money’s worth.

Additional Features

Besides the above-mentioned points, your computer chair may also accommodate a lot of features which make your gaming experience top notch.

  • Wireless receiver/transmitter
  • Built-in speakers and subwoofers
  • Side pockets and cup holders
  • Massage and heating pads
  • Vibration motors

How Important Is a Dedicated Seat for Playing Games?

Now, you can decide for yourself how important a role a good gaming chair plays (pun intended). The main aim is to improve your overall playing experience. With a comfortable chair, you can play for hours. Without the distraction of a numb or aching body part, you can easily focus on your gaming. The best computer chairs will allow you to enjoy all that and much more, providing a complete experience.

In our opinion, the DXRacer Iron Series is the best PC chair for gaming. With its quality and comfort, we have no hesitation in recommending it to you.

All of the above chairs can be purchased on Amazon, and we would encourage you to visit the site, read more about each chair, and truly understand which gaming chair is right for you.

For your convenience, here is a link to the best PC gaming chairs on Amazon.

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