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Best Gaming Mouse 2020: Instantly Improve Your Aim and Accuracy with These Gaming Mice

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Ordinary people will be satisfied with a computer mouse that costs $2 with two buttons and a wheel. Gamers are not the average person and require more from their mouse. Models for gaming mice are completely different than ordinary models, meaning we can say that they are unique. Here, you will be able to find this year’s best gaming mouse, but how do you know which it is the best one for your specific gaming needs? That’s why we revealed our secrets below, and you can use this information to help you make the right choice.

Different types of gaming require different types of mice. In general, there are three main types of gaming that require higher mouse capabilities: RTS (Real-Time Strategy), MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), and FPS (First-Person Shooter). Most gaming mice are designed for just one of these types of gaming, but there are some models that are great for all three types. Also, there are units great for two of them, while not being ideal for one type. Before anything else, you will have to know what types of games you need your mouse for.

Now comes the grip. There are also three options here. Palm grip is ideal for those who want to rest their palm on a mouse; Claw grip is when your index and middle fingers are arched, and fingertip grip is where your palm and two fingers are on the mouse, while the rest of the hand is in the air.

Additional factors to consider are dots per inch (DPI), how fast a mouse can move the cursor on the screen, and sensor type (optical or laser). Note that optical ones are better for rough surfaces while lasers are better for reflective surfaces and adjustable weight which maximizes the functionality of a mouse. Below you can see this year’s best gaming mouse that already has these factors perfectly incorporated.

1. Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

You won’t be able to find a better mouse than this one here. With the high-accuracy sensor and DPI of 12,000, it is accurate and precise no matter which game you play. If we add aluminum structure, specifically designed to improve the balance and weight distribution, we end up with a model that can make your gaming experience better. Adjusting the weight is included, as well. With it, each gamer can adjust the mouse to suit his own demands.

Adjusting the DPI while playing the game is possible as well. This feature is the one we like the most. It made the mouse perfect for all three gaming types and it made gaming much easier for those who like FPS. Personalizing the mouse is one of the additional features. It offers a double macro system and RGB lighting.

A separate advantage of the mouse is its eight buttons. All of them are Omron units, which means that they can withstand up to 20 million presses! The same advantage applies to the wheel. The bottom line is that you get an extremely durable mouse which can serve you for many hours of gaming.

12,000 DPI sensorUnique design with sharp edges
Sniper buttonIsn’t very comfortable
Omron buttonsRequires time to adjust to the button layout
Heavy-duty wheel
Adjustable weight
RGB lighting

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 is everything except an ordinary gaming mouse. We liked the software that comes with it. From there, you can fully adjust and customize the mouse. Even the user interface is modern and looks great. When it comes to customizing, weight tuning is a standard feature. You can use five 3.8-gram weights to adjust the weight that suits you the most. The RGB lighting supports 16.8 million colors, so personalizing the mouse as you like is one click away.

DPI sensor is standard, but it comes with five different settings, ranging from 200 to 12,000 dots per inch. Obviously, adjusting the DPI while playing a game is available. You will have at your disposal 11 programmable buttons, which also makes personalizing outstanding and better than most of these mice have. The wheel comes with the hyper-fast feature, important to most gamers.

The biggest virtue of this mouse is its design. It is comfortable, offers a great grip, and it won’t cause hand fatigue no matter how long you use it. That’s why we will recommend it to gamers who like strategy and FPS games. In addition, the mouse is large enough so it will fit perfectly to any hand.

Impressive customization optionsCord
11 buttonsThe RGB lighting is under the palm, so it isn’t very prominent
Adjustable weight
Very comfortable

3. Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse

Designed by Logitech G and eSports experts, this gaming mouse is one of a kind. It means that the main application is hardcore gaming, specifically for FPS games. The PMW3366 module (optical sensor) is also high in the range, gaming-focus component that truly makes a difference. Adjusting the dots per inch (DPI) can range between 200 and 12,000. Logitech claims that this module is the latest innovation, purpose developed for gamers and those who need ultra-accurate precision.

Metal Spring Button Tensioning System is a system of springs, obviously also designed to ensure ultimate durability. Thanks to it, the gaming mouse in question will be sufficient for long, advanced gaming sessions for the most professional gamers (guaranteed 20 million clicks). RGB lighting is a standard feature, and it offers the possibility to choose between 16.8 million colors. A nice touch is the team synchronization, which allows you to synchronize the colors with other gaming gadgets designed by Logitech. It has six programmable tasters.

Other facts you should be aware of is the simple and comfortable design, although we can say that it is even traditional. The build quality is exceptional, which common for this brand. Before purchasing, please keep in mind that it this mouse is most suitable for FPSs.

Metal spring tensioning systemOnly 6 programmable tasters
RGB lighting in 16.8 million colorsClassical design
Designed by eSports professionalsToo light for some gamers
PMW3366 module

4. UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

There is an interesting belief that all gamers who try gadgets and devices made by this brand become their permanent users. Honestly, it is up to you to choose this brand or not, but it is up to us to explain why this one is one of the best gaming mice. The DPI is 16,400, which is more than you get from most gaming mice today. Add the fact it also provides 100-120 inch per second and 30G acceleration, and you get an above average gaming mouse. The sensor that provides these specifications is Avago unit.

The buttons are the next best thing. They are Omron units, capable of withstanding up to 20 million clicks. While most gaming mice have between five and eight programmable buttons, this one has 18! There are also five different profiles that can be divided and ranked according to the colors you choose. Under the mouse is a cartridge with eight spots for adding weight (8 x 2.4 grams). We liked the fact that the weights are small, so adjusting the most suitable weight of the mouse is possible.

TEFLON pads are placed under the mouse, so it will stay in perfect condition no matter how long you use it. The warranty is 18 months, which isn’t bad for a mouse of this price range. Still, it is suitable for MMO gamers who need a high number of additional buttons.

12 side buttonsLED compared to other mice
TEFLON padsThe size may be an issue for some individuals
Cartridge for adjusting the weight

5. Redragon M901 PERDITION 16400 DPI High-Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

At first glance, this model may be the same as the previous one we mentioned, but it isn’t. The design is different, features are not identical, and this one comes in black and white color (both have red elements). Adding weight is done via cartridge located under the mouse. There are eight weights, at 2.4 grams each. LED with 16 million colors is included as well, but it can be turned off. It comes with the installation CD and the instructions that you are going to need.

The button layout is similar to the aforementioned unit. There are also 18 programmable buttons, and all of them designed to support 20 million clicks. Each is paired with five different LED profiles. Cable and gold-plated USB ports are introduced with this model to ensure the best connectivity and data stream to make performance even better.

Don’t forget that the acceleration is 30G, and the DPI is 16,400. Also, this mouse has mechanical buttons. We like this company and their products because they are extraordinary and always implement the latest technologies.

18 buttonsThumb position
DPI is 16,400Too massive for some gamers
30G accelerationYou cannot turn off all the LEDs
Well-designed weight cartridge
LED profiles
Great for MMOs

Our Final Thoughts

Each model here is the best gaming mouse for a specific gamer. This also means that all five models are entirely gaming-focused computer mice, so there won’t be any issues with the quality, button durability, or design. We tested all of them with different games, and all of them are perfect for at least one of the three gaming types that we established. Some models are suitable for two types and eventually can be used for all three types of games. None of them has severe designer flaws nor durability issues. More importantly, all of these models work very well when under pressure and exposed to a long period of stress.

As you can see, the prices are affordable for all five models, but they are still reliable, appealing, and modern, which will definitely make your gaming environment more interesting and increase the amount of time you can spend playing each game.