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Best Gaming Processors 2020: AMD vs Intel

By April 3, 2020 No Comments

Every single gamer is looking for the best gaming processor in order to meet their demands and play the best, most engaging games. It seems that the choice always comes between choosing an AMD or Intel processor. So, which one is the best? Well, each one has its advantages and drawbacks, but this summary may be different than you may expect.

AMD Processors: Affordable for Gamers

All AMD processors are more affordable than Intel units. They offer decent performances, and they are optimized for entry-level gameplay. Even the entry-level ones cost $100, while Intel is 50-60% more expensive. For this amount of money, they offer the ability to support most games. Paired with their graphics card chips, the end result is more than just good.

When it comes to overclocking (the ability to increase the frequency of a processor), AMD units are friendlier. Almost all of them are unlocked so overclocking is as easy as possible. You will notice a difference once you overclock your processor. It is usually performed in BIOS. Keep in mind that this will increase the temperature it generates. If you see video distortions while playing a game, it means the processor is overheating, so reduce the frequency.

The biggest drawback is the speed of AMD processors. They are fast, but usually not fast enough to support everything that advanced gamers need. Even when overclocked, they are still slower, and you won’t get as impressive results.

Intel Processors: The Ultimate Speed

Yes, Intel processors are more expensive. In order to get a decent version, which will meet your gaming demands, you will need a much higher budget than in a case with AMD.

While AMD is known for APUs, a combination of the Radeon graphics and a chip, Intel is less known in this field. However, even without it, these processors have shown better performances while being paired with super-demanding games.

Overclocking is obviously possible with Intel processors, but most of them are either locked, or they offer a limited clocking capability. Yes, you can get it unlocked, but it is almost better to buy a new version.

All of the power a processor has must be combined with advanced hardware in order to get the best results. If you don’t, the end effect won’t be as special.

Our Final Words

So, which one is the best? An average gamer won’t tell a difference, regardless of which processor they choose. Both manufacturers offer premium models, suitable for business and gaming purposes. If you are an occasional gamer, or you have a need to play standard and conventional games, AMD is perfectly fine.

Now, if you are an advanced gamer, who has a high budget at his disposal, Intel is the choice to make. Their processors are faster and more sophisticated. This can be explained if we look at the R&D; budgets of the companies. Intel has $3.2 while AMD $264 million per quarter.